Hearty Mum Sale
There will be mums for sale west of St. Remy Hall on Sunday morning from 8:00am - till sold out.

Bake Wheel
Each family in the parish is asked to donate 2 or 3 items for the bake wheel. All cakes, pies, breads, rolls, cookies (12 large or 18 small per package), cupcakes (10 or 12 per package), brownies, etc., should be securely wrapped. Please label all cakes to identify the flavor. Again this year we will have two drop-off spots for your baked goods. The primary location will be behind the Bake Wheel on the pre-built shelves. When these are full, a secondary pre-built shelf will be available in Mary Francis garage at 105 Borchers Street. Peel off labels will be available at both locations. Extra cake mixes purchased by the bake wheel committee are available in the back of church. These cake mixes should be used for extra baking in addition to your original donation. Any time you have to do some extra baking for us is greatly appreciated!

Raffle Table
Anyone interested in donating to this year’s raffle table, please contact Jeffie & Scott Voisard (937) 621-4216. Past donations have included: both handmade and purchased articles such as baskets & quilts, perfume and makeup items, hair care products, lawn furniture. floral arrangements, corn hole games and a variety of other really nice items. All donations are greatly appreciated as they will benefit different organizations in the Russia Community and St. Remy Parish.

Fancy Stand
Each family is asked to donate 3 items, either purchased or handmade, to the fancy stand. Items from men, scouts, 4-H members and any crafty person are very much appreciated. The fancy stand has asked that you please do NOT donate any squirt guns. All fancy stand items will be stored in Rosie Cordonnier’s garage at 103 Borchers Street.

Lunch Stand & Chicken Dinners
We are asking each family in the parish to donate 2 pies. These will be used for either the lunch stand or the barbecue chicken dinner. Securely wrap your pies and mark them or put them in zip lock bags. We would like to encourage more berry and pudding pies and they should be taken to the walk-in cooler in the kitchen. If the first letter in your last name is A-M, deliver your pies on Saturday, if it begins with N-Z, deliver your pies on Sunday. Tomatoes are needed. Anyone that can donate tomatoes should deliver them to the Community Center kitchen between 8:30 and 9:00am Saturday morning.

Clean Up & Can Crews
Some of the 8th grade class will be assigned to clean up the grounds and the 7th grade class will work in the lunch stand. This has worked well and the students have showed up. THANKS KIDS!! Scott Armstrong and Josh Francis are in charge of the clean-up. Barrels are all around the grounds for trash. Your help in keeping the grounds cleaned up during the festival is appreciated. As we did last year, there are special trash cans throughout the grounds especially for recyclables. Please use them!

We ask that children not play on the festival grounds after tents are up. Parents are responsible for explaining safety rules to their children. There is more vehicle and pedestrian traffic over the weekend and we ask that everyone drive cautiously.

Street Closings
St. Remy Street will be blocked off between Main Street and Borchers Street as usual during the weekend. Late in the afternoon on Saturday and again in the afternoon on Sunday, we will also be blocking off Borchers Street near St. Remy Street and back to the Bake Stand.

Stand Building & Tear Down
Stands should be built beginning at 6:00pm on Thursday evening. No stand should be torn down on Sunday evening before 11:30pm. Each stand is responsible for the return of their equipment to the proper storage area. Your help with the clean-up is greatly appreciated.

Parents should remind their children of their scheduled hours and the importance of working them. We are asking everyone to work at least a 2 ½ hr. shift. It takes everyone in the parish to make our festival a success. If you are unassigned to a stand, please contact Barb Cordonnier or Gina Monnin ( at Russia School 526-3156.